If you are experiencing domestic violence, think someone you know is being abused or want to contribute to ending violence against women, here are many resources for you.
How to Become a Resident
We accept referrals from all first-stage shelters. Understand the process of becoming a resident of Harmony House.


Emergency Help
If you are in danger, call 911 immediately. Help is available. Read our list of 24-hour help lines and assistance.


There are many emergency (first-stage) shelters in the Ottawa region. See this list for what may meet your needs.


Support Agencies
There are many government and non-profit agencies which are available to help women in need of housing, employment assistance, and support.


Legal Assistance
Explore legal means to protect yourself, your children, and punish your abuser.


Women’s Advocacy and Social Action
Learn the many ways you can use your voice to speak out and end violence against women (#VAW).