Support for Former Residents

Former residents are an important part of the Harmony House network. Current and former residents form friendships, which provide a peer support network that residents carry with them as they move back out into the community.

Current and former residents often provide each other with invaluable input on how the system works or doesn’t work for them. All residents of Harmony House eventually move on with their lives, but friendships formed with each other help bridge their transition into their new lives free of violence. Many return to share their experiences – both triumphs and hardships – with staff and friends.

We welcome all former residents to call or drop-in and share news about their journeys. We continue to offer support to those who wish to access it and encourage current and former residents to join with us in our efforts to end violence against women.

Harmony House provides services to former residents of Harmony House. These services include:
– advocacy
– crisis intervention
– accompaniment
– information and referral
– development of safety plans
– women’s groups

Many other programs and services are available:

For Women

For Children

Food Bank