Women’s Advocacy

At Harmony House, we support Women’s Advocacy. Speak out against violence against women. Here are some ideas to advocate:

– Talk to your municipal, provincial and federal politicians about what they will do to end violence against women. Let them know that this is important to you.

– Write letters to the editor about issues related to womens equality and violence against women.

– Talk to your friends and family about these issues.

– Take a stand. Vocalize it.

– Support your local women’s shelter, sexual assault support center and rape crisis centre.

– We would love to have your help putting us out of business because we are no longer needed.

– And share these special PSAs with your family and friends.  Ed Broadbent, David Suzuki, Senator Vern White, Chris Philips, Alex Munter, and other prominent Canadian men participated in this project to speak out against violence towards women.

Harmony House PSA 1

Harmony House PSA 2

Harmony House PSA 3